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    Description Baby Dove Nappy Cream provides instant protection and helps prevent the causes of nappy rash comfort with gentle care. -Containing two forms of pH neutralisers (zinc oxide and zinc sulfate), and our unique moisturising cream, our Baby Dove Rich Moisture Nappy Cream neutralises pH in seconds, while leaving your little one's delicate skin touchably soft. -It is specially formulated to spread and wipe off easily. -Either applied after changing, at bedtime or when your baby's been in their nappy for a while

    4 in stock


Welcome to Mama Love collection of baby nappy creams, designed with care for your little one's delicate skin. Our range offers gentle and effective solutions to protect and soothe your baby's skin from irritation and diaper rash. Made with the finest ingredients and formulated to provide nourishment and hydration, Mama Love's nappy creams are trusted by parents across Pakistan for their quality and reliability.

With our commitment to safety and efficacy, each product in our collection is dermatologist-tested and free from harmful chemicals, ensuring peace of mind for you and comfort for your baby. Whether you're looking for a preventive barrier cream or a soothing relief for existing irritation, Mama Love has you covered.

Shop with confidence knowing that Mama Love prioritizes your baby's well-being above all else. Explore our collection today and discover the perfect nappy cream to keep your little one's skin soft, healthy, and happy. Trust Mama Love for gentle care that you and your baby will love.

1 product

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