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Pigeon Peristaltic Feeder 120ml Lady Bird

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  • High-Quality Plastic Material ? Streamlined Shape: Made up of ultra-high quality plastic. Its streamlined shape makes it comfortable to hold and clean with ease.
  • Soft and Elastic Teat: Its elastic nipple encourages the baby effortless tongue movement.
  • Perfect Shape: Its perfect nipple shape provides a natural feel to babies and makes latching easier, along with preventing colic.
  • Air Ventilation System: Pigeon Peristaltic nipples have an air ventilation system that assists in controlling the air pressure in the bottle.
  • Controlled Air Pressure: Minimizes air pressure, and ensures that there is no extra air intake while bottle feeding.
  • BPA and BPS-free material makes it safer and healthier for babies
  • Sterilization Method: Boiling and Microwave
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